Basil Restaurant

Basil, founded in 2005, adapts a three-dimensional parameter––hygiene, ambience and taste––factors that continuously push us beyond the benchmark we set for ourselves, thus giving the guests an experience that they don’t forget soon. Set like the backdrop of the educational behemoth that Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) has come to be known for, amidst the green environs that embrace the hillside, Basil offers that perfect setting either for a lonely, lazy break between anything, or for an important professional interaction, or for that informal yet grand familial gettogether. Basil keeps you wondering why homes aren’t like this––with affable people striving to make you feel comfortable––rest following like the breeze outside––the aroma, the taste or the service.

Basil’s time-tested systems ensure your experience here doesn’t leave a bad taste in the mouth! Come, experience the taste. Taste the experience. A new Basil has started operations in the Manipal-countryside Parkala, that offers a new experience of fine dining coupled with a facility to cater to large gatherings. More space to widen our arms for liberal-sized socialising!